I have practiced martial arts since the age of 5 and believe all kids should train and have the opportunity to receive the many benefits that i have received.

Martial arts have been used for centuries to teach kids a variety of physical and mental life lessons, lessons that schools just don’t teach anymore.

If you want your child to grow up having not faced challenges, hardships, physical and mental stress then you are setting your child up to fail as an adult. In order for a child to overcome these obstacles then they must be provided with a way to start training for them at an early age & martial arts is that training.

Here are a few reasons why your child should start training.

  1. Self control & self defence

Martial arts teaches kids how to move their bodies in a variety of fun, creative ways but more importantly how to control their own body & the body of someone else. Yes, we are teaching them the art of violence but through teaching them this they get to understand and respect it.

Children who understand martial arts are less willing to express their frustrations & angers in a violent way, as they understand the consequences of their actions.

A child that is picked on, bullied and provoked into defending themselves will have the skill and ability to defend themselves whilst causing minimal damage (if any) to the other child.

A good martial arts instructor will always teach conflict resolution with words and the student will have the confidence to do this because they will be able to remain calm whilst under verbal or physical confrontation.

  1. Conquering challenges & learning how to fail

During a child’s martial arts training they will be provided with challenges that they will work towards & yes, will fail but will eventually reach the goal. Having reached this goal after failing will give them a great sense of achievement but also invaluable life lessons of hard work, discipline and perseverance. This lessons will reverberate throughout their life and they will always have the experience of the past accomplishments.

  1. Building self confidence and self esteem 

Every child needs confidence and they will receive this in plenty. Lack of confidence relates to low self worth, low self esteem and fear of rejection. Confidence allows you to value yourself and your capabilities which means the more valuable you feel. Through the satisfaction of learning and being rewarded for achievement a child will develop these needs.