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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art that focuses on grappling utilising the principles of leverage to allow the smaller, weaker person to subdue a larger opponent. BJJ focuses on takedowns, positional control and submissions. BJJ is a great way to improve all modalities of fitness including mobility, agility & core strength. Mentally BJJ is likened to a game of chess as strategy and tactical thinking is a big part. At Training Grounds we believe in a solid foundation of the fundamentals along with keeping the self-defence element alive.


We realise that beginning any form of Martial Arts training can be a little intimidating for some, which is why we have introduced a Women’s specific Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class, as we understand that some women simply prefer to train with other women. 

These classes still offer participants the same opportunity to build a solid BJJ foundation of the fundamentals along with keeping the self-defence element alive. 

It’s a fun, safe and encouraging environment in which to learn and develop your BJJ. 



Muay Thai uses stand up striking techniques including punches, kicks, knees & elbows along with clinching techniques. At Training Grounds we have a number of styles students can choose from, including the traditional Muay Thai style which is very dependent on kicks, knees & elbows. We also have the footwork focused, hand into kicks style sometimes known as “the Dutch style”.


The boxing program at Training Grounds is built on a foundation of rock-solid fundamentals and a love of movement. In fact, the very first things you will learn at our gym is correct stance and basic footwork, as we believe you must be able to move before you can punch. We teach ‘The Sweet Science’ through shadow boxing, pad-work, bag-work, partner-drills and skipping. For those that have a desire to compete and test their skills, sparring is encouraged. Our coaches hail from both the Cuban and European schools of boxing, but retain an open mind to all methods and styles.


We are proud to be an affiliate of ‘The Wrestling Foundation’ and offer both the Level One and Level Two syllabus.

The Wrestling Foundation syllabus focusses on the fundamentals of folk style wrestling which includes stance positioning, establishing dominant control, and learning escapes and reversals. We continuously drill positions and moves on the mats so that they become automatic in a live wrestling situation/competition.

Wrestling is the perfect addition to your Mixed Martial Arts training as there is an emphasis on conditioning, for explosive movement and stamina, which can make all the difference. 




Training Grounds offer Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (3 years +) and Muay Thai (4 years +). Our classes are run by experienced instructors and fathers, with the emphasis on child development. First and foremost, Training Grounds Kids Academy is about kids having fun and feeling part of a group whilst learning new skills. Martial arts is great for fitness, confidence and developing self-defence skills. It also improves children’s sense of respect, focus and discipline.