Tim Brogan

Tim is a brown belt in BJJ who has been training and competing for the last seven years.

I discovered the sport upon been taken to a private MMA lesson and was shown some of the basics of Jiu-Jitsu. I still recall a feeling of awe when the instructor showed a simple mount escape. The mystique of these movements captured my attention and I fell in love with the art instantly.

My goal in Jiu-Jitsu is constant improvement. I’m dedicated to self-directed and continuous learning in all aspects of life, and this is key in my approach to my Jiu-Jitsu. I’ve been very fortunate to benefit from the sport in way of self-improvement, fulfilment and friendships. I feel indebted to the art and am keen to give back. I’m always looking to help others along their journey, I take great enjoyment in working through technique with beginners and watching them progress.

I’m what you would call a hybrid hobbyist/competitor. While I maintain a life outside of BJJ with a busy career in advertising, I still enjoy hard training and competition. I’m an advocate for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as a hobby and in its benefits in the form of improving self-confidence, weight loss and learning self-defence. I firmly believe there’s great value in competition. You gain insights into your identity and it gives you a platform for self-improvement. I also believe that you will never have a true understanding of the sport till you have to execute under pressure.


In regards to my training style; when learning a move I’m detail orientated. When teaching a move I challenge myself to deliver instruction in its simplest form. I’m a firm believer in brilliant basics and focussing on moves that have a practical application, but I’m very interested in the development and evolution of technique within the sports highest levels. Hence, I’m happy to teach and workshop to the level of a student or training partner.

Freedom Of Choice

One thing that sets Training Grounds apart from other gyms is that you have the freedom to train in a multidisciplinary atmosphere.
Our timetable even allows you to train up to four different classes in one day and you are free to train as you like, depending on what you can fit into your schedule.

Kids BJJ

Kids Classes at TG are a go!! We are proud to announce kids Classes for all ages have commenced, 9am -10am Saturday mornings!
Great for fitness, self defence, confidence and most of all fun! Supervised by a number of experienced coaches, come join us!



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