Ayo Odeyale

Ayo Odeyale likes to shout and he loves to shout about boxing.

You will definitely hear him before you see him.

The West London baritone travels far and wide.

Loud, distinct, abrasive, very loud…It’s a voice that travels well. Sometimes it is cajoling, other times aggressive, frequently amusing, but mostly it’s just intense.

The Training Grounds Head Boxing Coach and Matchmaker loves what he does. He will be the first to tell you (and he will) how fortunate it is, that his hobby is his livelihood and how he will never take it for granted. It is this passion for boxing and the martial arts, as well as gratitude, that fuels his intensity. His philosophy when teaching is simple,

‘When I structure a class I ask myself a couple of questions, “One. Would I enjoy this session? Two. Would I feel I have truly worked hard?” If the answer is a yes to both, we are on!’

A founding coach of TG, Ayo has trained our amateur boxers to national championship level, as well as coaching professional boxers, kickboxers and MMA fighters. An adherence to technique, fundamentals and footwork forms the foundation of his teaching. Once a degree of mastery is achieved here, Ayo will begin to explore more advanced concepts, principles, styles and strategies in your syllabus.

Still a keen amateur competitor himself, Ayo juggles the role of coach and boxer well and is more than happy to jump into sparring or class, practicing what he preaches. Consistency is everything for this boxing fanatic and he firmly believes that if you always show up to training, you will improve. It is inevitable.

‘The sole aim I have as your boxing coach is help you fulfil your potential. If we are treading that path together, we are heading in the right direction.’

Ayo is available for private tuition and small group sessions. Please email him at: ayo@traininggrounds.com.au


Freedom Of Choice

One thing that sets Training Grounds apart from other gyms is that you have the freedom to train in a multidisciplinary atmosphere.
Our timetable even allows you to train up to four different classes in one day and you are free to train as you like, depending on what you can fit into your schedule.

Kids BJJ

Kids Classes at TG are a go!! We are proud to announce kids Classes for all ages have commenced, 9am -10am Saturday mornings!
Great for fitness, self defence, confidence and most of all fun! Supervised by a number of experienced coaches, come join us!



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