Training Grounds are now offering kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai classes for 5 to 12 years old.

Kids Jiu Jitsu classes for 5-8 year olds are running on Tuesday, 4-4:50pm, and 9-12 year olds classes are on Tuesday 4:50-5:50pm. There is also an all ages class on Saturday, 9am -10am. Kids Muay Thai classes run on Wednesday, 5-5:45pm.

Martial arts is great for fitness, self-defence, confidence, rough and tumble benefits and most of all – fun!

Our classes are run by experienced instructors and fathers, with the emphasis on child development. We have a high ratio of instructors to children to facilitate this learning environment.

1x per week = $80 /month
2x per week = $150 /month
3x per week = $200 /month

Why your kids should learn Martial Arts?

Why should you and your kids sign up? Here are a few reasons:

  1. Increases self-confidence and self-defence skills
  2. Improves fitness in children in a fun group setting
  3. Learn respect for others and discipline in a positive environment
  4. Teach children to set tangible goals and earn rewards
  5. Team work skills, improving listening and social skills
  6. Make new friends!

Martial Arts is also a form of rough and tumble play. This is a style of play that allows children to explore physical and social skills, taking some safe risks while play wrestling/fighting. The benefits of rough and tumble play are:

  • It helps children understand the limits of their strength and learn self control
  • Children learn to read body language and decode signals
  • Develop physical self control, skills needed to form friendships, be partners and fathers
  • It’s a fun, controlled way to explore relationships through contact
  • Helps develop compassion, cooperation, sharing, turn taking, adaption and interaction skills
  • Teaches children how to take safe risks
Classes with the kids brazilian jiu jitsu team.


From an early age my parents put me into Martial Arts. As an overactive child i learnt respect and discipline in an active environment. As an instructor it is great to impact a child’s personal development and watch them grow as individuals. Giving them the power to protect themselves and others in the future is also very satisfying.

Scott Ireland, Instructor + Black Belt

Tyler’s confidence and co-ordination has grown since starting BJJ at TG. All the coaches are fantastic with the kids, and they are instantly welcomed and relaxed. They make it fun but at the same time teach them respect and rules. He has learnt so much In The short time there. I intend to keep him going as long as possible.


Kids are my life. For me teaching is an exchange both ways I learn every time we are on the mats. I have with my work taught many from kids to adulthood which is an amazing experience it’s like watching your own kids growing up again and again. On the teaching side I love making a difference on all levels and watch them grow on their individual personal levels and of course as Martial Artists. Why do it teach Kids BJJ? Because I love it.

Wayne Miller, Heads Kids BJJ Instructor

Our boys have been attending the kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class at Training Grounds Crows Nest, for a number of months. From the start, TG welcomed us into their family with open arms. Not only are they highly professional, but the coaches are inspirational mentors. They have made a positive impact on the lives of our boys, both in their instruction on the art of BJJ, and in their teachings and support of the values that we aim to instil, including respect, manners, self-esteem, loyalty and trust. TG has become an important part of our lives; it provides an environment that builds confidence in our boys, and helps them to learn to control their bodies and their emotions. As parents, we trust that the coaches will provide structure and guidance, and our boys love going – not just for the training but for the friendships that they have made.

Michelle + Andrew, Parents

It’s been a great experience being involved with the new Training Grounds children’s classes. It’s amazing to see how much the kids have progressed in the first 3 x months, learning great BJJ technique with Coach Wayne’s attention to detail. Kids are gaining life skills, learning respect, and are growing with confidence week to week in a family environment.

Brett Matthews, Assistant Kids BJJ Coach

My self confidence and development as person has been so significant since I started training in BJJ and MMA. Having the opportunity to work with kids at such an early stage of their life is an absolute privilege and seeing them grow and develop the same self confidence leap that I have had is so rewarding, I wish I started as young as these kids are. The kids are a sponge and seeing them develop and watching their technique Improve week on week is inspirational and seeing the joy on their faces when they achieve what ever little milestone is fantastic. BJJ is such a gift to any child and I really enjoying being part of the whole experience.

Craig Moore, Assistant Kids BJJ Coach


Freedom Of Choice

One thing that sets Training Grounds apart from other gyms is that you have the freedom to train in a multidisciplinary atmosphere.
Our timetable even allows you to train up to four different classes in one day and you are free to train as you like, depending on what you can fit into your schedule.

Kids BJJ

Kids Classes at TG are a go!! We are proud to announce kids Classes for all ages have commenced, 9am -10am Saturday mornings!
Great for fitness, self defence, confidence and most of all fun! Supervised by a number of experienced coaches, come join us!



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